Friday, March 17, 2006

why do you need to hear understanding from me? if it does not come from you, then you will never understand. remember: understanding and expression are one.i am not asking you to accept my judgment, my agenda is self serving.understanding is still possible with a banana in your mouth, therefore expression is possible, (even necessary). what does understanding require of us then? what is that act? the most straight forward answer is expression, but some may find that unsatisfying. how is it possible to express? how do we express? this is something i am currently interested in, and socionics has huge implications for understanding. every person and every type expresses as it understands. how then, could there be only one way of expressing understanding? because every person/type performs the same act: the act of being.and despite being in danger of confusing the issue by referring to something else: the issue of observer having influence on observed is being explored in contemporary physics, see copenhagen interpretation. if one does not see the importance of this issue for us today, he/she can acquaint themselves. socioncs has a chance of being seen as legitimate within the scientific community(if one values that).what is more absolute than your own being? can you not say, i am? from where would one say, i am not?SG: yes, i could write in a manner that would not lead anyone to have such questions, but then it wouldnt be understanding. Epistemilogical explorations are often confusing, but is not socionics a new knowledge?