Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what is :Ti: ? it is axiomatic thinking. to define :Ti: , we have to come to some conscious understanding of the axiom of axioms. an axiom differs from a definition in that an axiom is non-conceptual knowledge upon which concepts/definitions are built.

how can an axiom be non-conceptual? the axiom takes priority in knowledge. it can be known, but not represented. it is self evident. for a series of fantastic axioms, look to euclidian mathematica. one such axiom is the point. a point is that which has position, but no dimension. this example demonstrates the self evident, and non-conceptual nature of axioms.

how do we come to know the axiom? if the mind reflects on its own intelligence, axioms present themselves. the mind sees axioms because that is the nature of mind. mind is axiomatic. the idea of "awakening the ego" and epistemology are one and the same.