Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Architecture and aesthetic con't

If we hold the unity of all things as truth, and we hold that Architecture as a transcendental consists of matter, what then is the relationship between two things in which we previously established as unified?

What is the relationship of Architecture as coextensive to Being, with matter that is held to be "non-being"?

If our answer lies in the striving for form within an aesthetic system, then what Knowledge can we gain from an Architecture that utilizes new and contemporary materials that have been invented by today's technology?

If there is Truth in materials, what happens to Truth when we have new materials?

If we do find it possible for Being to manifest itself through new materials, what implications does it hold for how man takes relation?

What can Architecture teach us about the treatment of material resources?

What implications does Architecture have for environmental ethics?

What critique does Architecture present to an environmentalism that frames the issue in terms of nature versus nurture? To clarify: "if the criterion and rule of the true is to have made it", (Vico), then can environmentalism ever achieve justice?