Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Cabin Sketch for Inexpensive Housing

Cabin porch perspective.

Cabin rear perspective.

I recently sketched this small cabin using Google sketch-up in an attempt to articulate a solution that is designed well, and inexpensive to construct.

As I would like to build the cabin myself, the cabin design relies upon wood craft skills that can be acquired whilst using the tools of the craft.  A portable saw mill, table saw, sanders, and chisels could be used to effectively craft a cabin that will last for many years.  All work could be completed by myself in an effort to reduce labor costs.

The sketch articulates two important features of the design; 1.) pole foundation, and 2.) a high ceiling.  Both features are inexpensive.  Pole building decreases building costs dramatically, and it is easy to have extra building height which contributes to an impression of extra space.  The cabin is small, so architectural elements should not affirm feelings of claustrophobia.  Instead the inexpensive foundation and pole structure allow for a ceiling that visitors typically look up into, as well as extra loft space.

I will be sketching another cabin similar to this one, except it will be slightly larger.  The sketch will also include a floor plan, and demonstrate how the interior might function.