Sunday, July 19, 2015

The One Thing Missing From ACS 7

The San Geronimo Church built in 1850.

The 7th symposium on Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality took place last month, and it was amazing.

But one small thing was missing from the lecture series.

I noticed it, but couldn't do much about it.  Instead I improvised at the time.

There were many scholars that shared insightful and meaningful research, but we can't watch it after the fact because no one recorded live video of the proceedings.  A YouTube channel with everyone speaking is a great idea, but since one doesn't exist, I can share what I do have from the ACS 7 symposium.

The voice recorder on my phone proved to be somewhat adequate for recording the proceedings.  I wasn't sure if the voices could be heard, but they certainly can. I have a list of speakers, and the corresponding voice file for anyone that would like to listen.  They files are unedited, and plenty of background noise can be heard, but someone just might find them useful.  Scroll down to find the list.

Digital cameras are not cheap, and storing four days of lectures isn't an easy task.  It is obvious why the lectures were not recorded, but perhaps I can contribute at the next symposium.  ACS 8 will take place next summer, so perhaps by then I can acquire some equipment and record the proceedings.

I look forward to next year not only for the lectures, but also for the fun and educational group trips. This year we visited Taos Pueblo, Dar Al Islam Mosque, and walked through the New Mexico desert at night.  I can't say enough great things about the symposium, and would recommend attending to anyone so interested.

The New Mexico desert at night with moon and stars.

The audio file links are below, but I must warn you that I have not edited the files, nor have I recorded every lecture. Two sessions occurred at the same time, so I was not able to be at both simultaneously. Furthermore there are no introductions captured in the audio files, so it is up to the listener to discern who exactly is speaking. For those in attendance, it shouldn't be too difficult. The papers that correspond to the audio files can be accessed at

Do you have anything to add to this story?  Will you be attending ACS 8?  Are you writing an academic paper to submit to next years symposium?  Let me know in the comments below.