Sunday, November 29, 2015

With Local Grapes, The Newest Winery Opens

A bottle of wine from a small winery, taken by Lindy.

There is a certain satisfaction with being a small business owner, and I think it comes from knowing your customers.  Small businesses are often part of the community, and business reasoning can move beyond monetary profit seeking.  Great small businesses do well, as far as I can tell, when the product or service is seen as a delight.  Even a "mundane" business can take on a new life of its own, when the entire endeavor is about friend helping friend.

Business relationships based upon common humanity, and shared goals, seem to be rare.  With that in mind, I am happy to blog promotional photography that I provided for a small winery that opened during the summer of 2015.  Firelight vineyards has been years in the making, as the owner educated herself and planted grape vines many years ago.  I've learned that grape vines must grow for at least four years before they are suitable for fermenting into wine.  The result is amazing, and I highly recommend a bottle to anyone.

Taking the photographs was great fun, and I'm happy with the results.  The images will certainly become part of my photography portfolio, and I look forward to creating new images for the winery in the future.  Check out Firelight Vineyard website, and check out my photography slideshow.