Monday, May 07, 2012

Rental Property Photography

Web Clipping of the Estate Agent Website.

I sometimes have the opportunity to photograph interiors for specific uses.  Recently I was given the opportunity to photograph a property for an estate agent.  The unit was fun to shoot, and I am happy with the results.  The estate agent has had more interest and viewings than otherwise, and I have something tangible for the portfolio.  I certainly look forward to finding more opportunities like this one, and I was excited to see my images used on the estate agent's website.

There were a number of items in each room that needed to be moved, and the preparation time took much longer than the actual photographing.  The lights, balance, shutter speed, and other technical consideration occupied a fraction of the time, while moving furniture and placing other distracting items out of frame occupied the majority of time.  It seems that photography can be a lot like furniture moving.  Once the furniture was in place, it was not so difficult to use the white walls as light diffusers.  Splashing light from the flash guns onto the walls lit up the entire room, and created a nicely lit image.