Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How I Designed a Spec House

Currently Under Construction

I have never designed a "spec" house before, so I certainly learned something new.  "Spec" is an abbreviation for "speculation", and a spec house is a home built without a buyer.  The house is built according to the builders specification in the hopes that it will sell in the future.

The builder had specific requirements in mind given the lot was determined, as well as number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  I was happy to draw the house plans, and send them to the printer for collection.  We will be building the house plans as time permits, but I am certainly excited as I will have an active role in realising the drawings.

I am certainly learning a lot about the building process not only by seeing it, but also by doing it.  I am learning the building trade as new projects are worked on.

Have any thoughts on the speculative house?  What features would make a house more attractive to home-buyers? Let me know in the comments.