Monday, September 23, 2013

What I Wired on the Cabana Project

The finished cabana with wall sconce, recessed can lights, and outdoor receptacles.

The outdoor kitchen with electrical receptacles.

The cabana with wall sconces and outdoor electrical receptacles.

The cabana during construction with electrical "mud" box, and flexible conduit.

The cabana wall during construction with electrical boxes waiting for masonry for support.
The service panel for the cabana project.

The cabana project is another that I did not design, nor draw the construction documents for.

Like past projects, it too relied upon the design/build skill of the contractors.  Again I benefited from the wiring of outdoor receptacles, recessed can lights, wall sconces, and a number of indoor receptacles.  We also installed a new meter base, new service panel, and a new air conditioning system with flexible insulated ductwork.  I have had the opportunity to learn about a breadth of building services lately.

There are a number of possible projects we might work on in the future, and hopefully I will design and draft some documents.  I certainly will attempt to document the most interesting projects, and my acquisition of new building trade skills.