Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Student Project From Years Ago

This garden pavilion was completed as part of a educational exercise.  Each numbered wood panel was cut to allow for a connection with other panels, in a simple mortise and tenon system.

I don't have many projects from my time as a student in a school of architecture, but one I have managed to keep is the temporary garden pavilion.  

I have the simple drawings, and the photographs I took at the time too.  Even though it is a very basic structure that doesn't serve any function particularly well, the project does demonstrate a straight forward solution using a well known material; MDF.   It was successful as a student project because it reflects the urban context, and architecture professors love context.  My small structure echoed the building next to it, so I received a top mark this time. 

If I find more projects that have been squirreled away on disks, I will try and post them.  Otherwise I think my projects may be lost in the ether because re-writable disks degrade over time.  Thankfully we now have cloud storage, so images and files are not as susceptible to degradation.

What do you think of the project?  Should architects and designers post educational projects, or is it somehow detrimental to display pre-professional designs?

Let me know in the comments.

The painted MDF panel assembly was designed to be as simple as possible.

The temporary garden pavilion bottom right on a brochure advertising educational courses.