Saturday, January 04, 2014

Around the Web: Construction Tool-belts and Tool-bags

My tool-bags which hold hardware and trade tools.

My recent post about the tool-bag and tools I use was featured on not one, but two construction / design websites.

The first can be seen at Bob's website, and the second can be seen at JB's.  I wanted to thank Bob and JB, and to say how excited I was to be included on their websites.  Each has an active community of like-minded and enthusiastic followers, and seeing my contribution to successful hubs of information made my day.

I didn't include my tool belt description in my prior post, but I will do so here for those interested.

My tool belt is unique because it is intentionally small. It requires me to be more efficient and think about what I am doing, in an effort to reduce the weight of my tool belt. Less tools means less weight, and less fatigue at the end of the day. Less tools in my tool belt also means more trips up and down the ladder, if I haven’t planned my task carefully. I found the individual tool bags at a local home improvement store, and I pair them with a regular work belt. This set-up works better for me than the traditional full tool bags because unnecessary tools cramp my style. I keep tools on my right side, and hardware in the left.

I found satisfaction in sharing and describing something of my work, and hopefully someone found my descriptions and work methods useful, or at least interesting.

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