Saturday, February 22, 2020

This Winery Makes the Best Wines

Photo collage of construction photos and drawings.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy wine, then this North Texas micro-winery is for you.

George and Merideth are vintners whose business has recently expanded, and I had the opportunity to create construction plans for them.  For Firelight Vineyards and Winery, I created a site plan, architectural drawings, and structural drawings. The documents were inspected, revised, and stamped by an engineer, then passed onto local and Texas State officials that screened the plans for code compliance. Ultimately the building was permitted and construction began after a lengthy design process.

I certainly appreciate the opportunity to work on this commercial building and help the town of Valley View grow and revitalize itself.

The link to Firelight Winery is here.

The link to North Texas Home Design is here.

EDIT 2020-08-23 The exterior of the winery is painted, and it opened for business last night.

Fire light winery now painted