Sunday, May 10, 2020

Video: See A Completed Home I've Drawn

I've drawn thousands of plans. Often I draw either the architectural plans or the structural plans. The structure for the home in the video is an example of the latter.

 I really enjoy creating the architecturals and the structurals, but few projects allow me to do both.

Often bureaucratic rules and regulations prevent the same person from creating both. For instance, some jurisdictions require either an architectural stamp, or an engineering stamp, or both, so rarely does the same person have the opportunity to create an entire set of home plans.

Photo: An example of residential structural framing.

Therefore the best projects for one person to create architectural and structural documents are private residences outside of municipal jurisdictions. Home owners have an opportunity to draw all of the documents for their projects, but often contractors or other professionals do not.

I am currently working on an online drafting school for anyone who wishes to create their own home plans. It will demonstrate how to create architecturals and structurals, but students can learn one or the either if they wish.

Be sure to check back for updates and the launch of the online drafting school.